Non-compliance can ruin our reputations and distroy careers, families and lives

We must meet quality and compliance requirements and guidelines, including ISO (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/IEC 18000), and even customer-specific quality requirements before business contracts are awarded. This directly impacts our revenue growth and market expansion.

We have a risk compliance team managing risk, identify and resolve customer problems, document SOPs and best practices, support change control, identify and resolve non-conformances, calibrate equipment, and audit the company's state of quality and compliance. The results are improved customer satisfaction and brand reputation, and reduced cost of poor quality.

Over the years, we has proven itself to be a competent and reliable contact partner for our customers in the field of supply chain certification, product certification and testing, and technical services to the fashion industry. Our extensive portfolio of products, certifications, solutions and services can be used on a modular basis for your respective application.

We invest in compliance

Facilities that meet with the environmental standard