Welcome to G-LOCS

Through a common set of shared values which guide our behavior, and our global commitment and local supply, we believe you will find working with G-LOCS to be exceptional. Why? Less hierarchy – the owners of G-LOCS will be involved in the management of your programs and your orders. This will improve lead time in communications and deliveries. More Approachable – the account management team at GLOCS has a direct line to GLOCS owners and factory personnel. This leads to exceptional customer service and real-time communications about your project.

The GMAX system – our online order tracking system – allows for quick order entry, real time production layout review, and automatic order tracking for you and your garment manufacturers. This fully integrated program is a seamless integration between us and our clients.

Why Us

Delivering quality products to clients

Online Ordering System

G-Loc utilizes a proprietary online ordering system with client time management in mind.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to better the lives of our employees and the world around us.

Order Tracking System

Our system facilitates quick order inquiry, real time production layout preview and automatic order tracking. The entire order process is transparent and enhances order accuracy.

Compliance is our Strength

We follow global environmental standards and recognizing unique business requirements in every country where we manufacture.

Ethical Producer

We a a group of forward-thinking innovative factory owners with production facilities across southeast Asia

Think global, Act Local

We have production facilities all over Asia, this allow us to make local and delivered faster to all of our customers

Recent Work

Some of our work we have done earlier