Recycled Paper Items


Forging a category of its own, Paptic® Tringa combines the best features of existing materials, for instance high print quality like paper, durability like nonwovens and versatility of textiles. Paptic® Tringa is a new, innovative material suitable for existing printing and converting production lines. It’s now available in reels and sheets in 45 gsm, 60gsm, 80 gsm, 110 gsm, 125 gsm and 140 gsm. Brand owners and retailers can make an easy shift to sustainable and reusable products – enlarge your sustainable operating window!

Jacron Label

Jacron is a unique paper material with a leather-like look. It withstands industrial washes, passes needle detectors, and does not tear off easily. Excellent for printing fine details, perfect for colour matching which can also be heat embossed.

Material: Jacron paper is made of high-density wood pulp cellulose and with rubber particles on the surface. 
Benefits: Withstand washing alternative to leather