Water Soluble Polybags

PVAL: A SAFE & NON-TOXIC new eco-friendly material
Safe, non-toxic; can be used for food contact and food additive:
Harmless to people, animals and plants.
The material is fully biodegradable and naturalized, with no harm to nature.
A New Material Developed to tackle marine plastic Pollution

  • The material is soluble in water,
  • Softening quickly in room temperature water
  • Completely dissolved in hot water

It can be digested by fish. No harm to fish.

Material: Water-soluble, fully biodegradable PVAL materials and bio-based materials
Features: Water Solubility | Gas Barrier | Biodegradability | Infrared Barrier |
Transparency | Organic Solvent Barrier | Demoldability | Grease Barrier
Usage: Packing for Book, Foods, Medical Infectious Clothes
Certificates: EN13432, ASTMD