The story behind our flower paper…

The flower paper trend is blooming, and for good reason. It’s both a sustainable and beautiful way to produce paper. Our new handcrafted floral paper is no different. Made using real flowers and re-purposed paper materials, we’re so excited for the G-Flower Paper to start flourishing.

The idea came to us after receiving requests from clients about whether we supplied eco-friendly paper materials that had a delicate or floral scent – a smell that could communicate a brand’s message. Lightbulb moment! We put our heads together and found a source, design, and inspiration for our latest product innovation.

Through gorgeous design, detailed texture, and natural dyes and materials, the G-Flower Paper was born. Inspired by a trend of floral papers –a popular practice across India– the paper is part recycled school textbooks, and part pressed flowers. Made of recycled paper, and hand-pressed, crushed flowers, the end result is a delicate, yet rustic appearance, with a durable, earthy texture, straight from the hands of the craftsperson. A bespoke paper that can be used on products like hang tags, or simply as paper to write, scribble, and design on.

We are proud to be working with a local independent Turkish maker to produce the paper, supporting a local business and sharing this sustainable innovation to the wider community. In this, we are sustaining both a human and material eco-power, through a sustainable, community-focused production process.

We foraged for our materials, relying only on the earth and local hands, and we’re so proud of the final product!